Search for the books that are available in your state by clicking on the titles below.   Enter your zip code to see if the book is available at your local library.  If a book is not available through your library, you can see if the nearest library to you will allow you to check out the book through inter-library loan.  Every library's policy is different so it is best to check with your local librarian.

Since many of the books on the list are textbooks, some libraries in your area may not lend them out.  If you are attending a college or university, this is where your access to inter-library loan can help this project, as students tend to have more access to university library books. The books with an asterisk next to the title tend to be available at most public libraries.

Once you have located the books, insert the bookmark on the page that mentions Dr. Sims. The page numbers are listed next to each title so you don’t have to search through each book. 

List of Books:

Combined Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynæcology by Dugald Baird, page 142

The Confederate Carpetbaggers by Daniel E Sutherland, page 295

The Doctor and the Diva: A Novel by Adrienne McDonnell (This book is a novel but contains a "Historical Note" at the end of the book, which refers to Sims as the "brilliant American physician" but fails to mention his experimentation on slaves.  Insert the bookmark at the end of the book in the "Historical Note" section, page 672

Great Ideas in the History of Surgery by Leo M. Zimmerman, Ilza Veith, page 442

The History of Surgery in the United States, 1775-1900 by Ira M. Rutkow, pages 37 and 295

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Volume 2 by Arthur Hale Curtis, page 473

Obstetrics and Gynecology by David N. Danforth, page 749

Penn Clinical Manual of Urology by Philip M. Hanno, Alan J. Wein, S. Bruce Malkowicz, page 325

Pioneer Surgeons of the Women's Hospital by James Pratt Marr, page 11

Re-creating Medicine: Ethical Issues at the Frontiers of Medicine by Gregory E. Pence, pages 64 and 199

A Textbook of Gynecology by Laman Alexander Gray, page 389

Textbook of Gynecology Fifth Ed by Emil Novak and Edumnd Novak (only available in the UK)

A Textbook of the science and art of obstetrics by Henry Jacques Garrigues p 533

The Ultimate Book of New York Lists: Everything you need to know about the greatest city on Earth, by Bert Randolph Sugar & C. N. Richardson, page 26